Tree Trimming & Removal

The Public Works department handles tree removal and trimming for all street trees located within our city limits. A street tree is a tree that is growing in or upon any City-managed street or public right of way. The department will handle tree trimming for street trees located between the street and the sidewalk. They will also remove a street tree when it presents an immediate safety hazard or is deemed a public nuisance. If you see a street tree that needs our attention, you can use the "Request Service" feature. Once you submit a request, we will dispatch a supervisor out to assess the site. If the reported tree requires our service, the supervisor will create a work order in our system. Our crews handle the most severe tree work orders first. It is important to note, crews don't handle trees located on private property.

Ash Trees and the Emerald Ash Borer

In addition to handling resident requests and work orders, the City's tree crews are also focused on removing all the City's ash trees. In 2015, the threat of the Emerald Ash Borer came home to Ballwin. This insect is an invasive species that is highly destructive to ash trees. The City had more than 2,000 of these trees in its public right of way, as well as a large number of other trees considered to be in dangerous condition. Contracting this work out was projected in the millions of dollars over a 5-to-10-year period. Instead, the City purchased a bucket truck and established a crew which works on trees throughout the year. The exception is several weeks in the summer when street replacement is being conducted and in the fall during leaf collection. In the winter months, nearly all street laborers assist with trees, whether it is trimming or stump grinding.