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Waterford Rezoning

The City of Ballwin has rezoned Waterford subdivision from St. Louis County’s R-4 zone to Ballwin’s R-3 zone to the Planning and Zoning Commission at a public hearing on Monday, November 7, 2022.

Here’s what that means:

Bottom line: This should not impact you or your neighbors unless you are planning to build a new structure on your property in the near future. Rezoning simply brings a property into the jurisdiction of the City of Ballwin under our zoning code and relevant regulations instead of under St. Louis County regulations that the City of Ballwin cannot enforce.

Zoning dictates land use, height, and area regulations. To provide an example, proposed structures such as
garages or swimming pools are required to comply with all minimum yard requirements, which vary from
zone to zone; St. Louis County’s R-4 zone and the City of Ballwin’s R-3 zone are nearly identical with
respect to minimum yard requirements.

Any pre-existing structures or any being currently reviewed by the City of Ballwin that are not in compliance with the R-3 zone regulations will be considered “grandfathered in”, meaning that, as they were built before the proposed rezoning, they will not be seen as non-compliant to the newly imposed regulations. Any proposed structures built following the adoption of the rezoning will need to comply with the updated setbacks.

Below is a table of differences between St. Louis County R-4 and Ballwin R-3 zoning ordinances.

Questions? Contact City Planner Lynn Sprick at or (636) 227-9000. 


Permitted Uses

Conditional Uses

Height Restrictions

Minimum Yard Requirements

St. Louis CountyBallwinSt. Louis CountyBallwinSt. Louis CountyBallwinSt. Louis CountyBallwin


Single Family Dwellings

Adult Day Care Centers

Athletic fields or community buildings owned or operated by a governmental or a not-for-profit entity

Three stories or 45 feet high

Three stories or 35 feet in height

Front Yard Setback: 20 feet

Front Yard Setback: 20 feet

Daycare Homes

Parks, playgrounds, and community buildings owned and operated by public agencies

Childcare Centers, Nursery Schools, and Day Nurseries

Nursery, pre-kindergarten, day care schools, and play schools not operated on the same premises as a residential use or in conjunction with a residential use serving five or more children during any 14 hour period of any day of the week, except those that are conducted in a church in connection with religious services not exceeding three hours at a time, with conditions.


Side Yard Setback: 6 feet

Side Yard Setback: 8 feet

Single Family Dwellings

Public Libraries

Private, no-for-profit clubs, and private not-for-profit recreational land uses and community centers

Nursery, pre-kindergarten, day care schools, and play schools operated as an accessory use and subordinate use to the primary residential use of that property and serving five or more children in total during any 14-hour period of any day of the week, with conditions.


Rear Yard Setback: 15 feet

Rear Yard Setback: 15 feet

Group Homes for the handicapped

Public School, elementary and high, and educational institutions having a curriculum similar to that given in public schools

Foster homes for handicapped children

Parking within any front yard for all nonresidential uses


Intensity of Use: 7,500 square feet, Waterford subdivision was built under a Density Development procedure permitting for the construction of lots as small as 6,000 square feet

Intensity of Use: 20,000 square feet, except if the property was recorded prior to June 1, 1991, a caveat applicable to all residences in this subdivision.

Libraries, public or not-for-profit

Golf courses, except miniature courses and driving tees operated for commercial purposes

Golf courses, including practice driving tees on the same premise. Miniature golf courses are excluded

Private retirement community and/or nursing home offering living facilities and associated services for independent living, assisted living, and/or skilled nursing arranged in single and/or multiple family building configurations, with conditions.


Local public utility facilities


Group homes for the handicapped to be occupied by nine or more individuals (excluding supervisory personnel) not related by blood or marriage to the operator or operators of the facility


Parks, parkways, and playgrounds, public or not for profit

Accessory buildings

Group homes for the elderly


Police stations and fire stations

Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction work, which buildings shall be removed upon the completion or abandonment of the construction work

Group living facilities providing a permanent residence for not more than nine individuals, all over 18 years of age who are ordained or  hold a designated religious positions with the same religious institution


Schools, public or private kindergarten, secondary, and collegiate

Church or public building bulletin boards not exceeding 20 square feet in area and temporary signs not exceeding six square feet in area appertaining to the lease, hire, or sale of a building or premises.

Hospital and hospices


Schools, public or private elementary


Local public utility facilities over sixty feet in height or over one hundred thousand cubic feet in volume


Telecommunication towers less than 40 feet in height


Nursing homes


Parking lots, when adjacent to land in a "C" Commercial or "M" Industrial District, and when parking is used with a commercial or industrial development


Public Utility Facilities 


Retreats owned and operated by religious, educational, or other not-for-profit establishments


Schools, public or private elementary, on a tract of land of at lease 3 acres but less than 5 acres


Sewage treatment facilities, other than facilities permitted as an accessory use


Specialized private schools


Telecommunication towers up to two hundred feet in height