Fit For Duty - Wellness Fair


1st Phorm Breakout Sessions


12:30 pm | 2:00 pm

“Maximizing Health for First Responders: Sleep, Stress and Nutrition”

First responders face a multitude of challenges throughout their career: long hours, shift work, high stress and the physical demand of their roles. In this session we will discuss the importance of sleep, nutrition and stress management for mental and physical health and provide practical tips to ensure they fuel for the demands of the job. 


1:30 pm | 2nd Floor Group Exercise Room

“Sound Bath Meditation" by Love and Light Reminders Yoga Studio

Bring a towel or a yoga mat and simply RELAX! That’s right. Take a moment to recharge and recalibrate with a short guided meditation session, followed by a soothing sound bath meditation. In the demanding and often stressful world of law enforcement, it's essential to prioritize your own mental and emotional well-being. Our meditation session offers a safe space to unwind, release tension, and cultivate inner peace. Let the gentle guidance of our experienced facilitator lead you into a state of deep relaxation, while the resonant tones of crystal bowls relieve stresses of the day calming the nervous system. You give so much to protect and serve our communities; so, it's time we now nourish your own well-being. It’s all about balance ;) This will only take 30 minutes of your time so it is certainly worth a try!!! We hope to see you on the mat (…or towel).