Lock It or Lose It


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“Lock it or Lose it” sounds like a harsh slogan for a police department to tell its community.  Unfortunately, that is the reality that many of our neighbors have realized after becoming the victim of a theft from their car.  The majority of thefts reported from vehicles in the Ballwin area occur when the car or truck are left unsecured. There are times when a window is broken or a door is pried open, but generally this happens when valuables are left in plain sight.  

Our police officers are diligent about knowing their neighborhoods and patrolling the areas, but these types of thefts happen very quickly.  It is not uncommon for multiple individuals to be involved in these types of thefts and they will divide and conquer checking every car in a neighborhood in under a minute.  They are looking for anything from Electronics to loose change. The biggest wins for the thieves is when guns or keys are left in a vehicle.  Below you will find a couple of videos showing real video surveillance from a car theft attempt and a dramatic reenactment.