The 302


"The 302"

Construction for the new Ballwin Police Station commenced in March of 2022, under the capable leadership of the Ballwin Board of Aldermen and other key figures. Meticulous consideration was given to the selection of the building site, aiming to establish a centrally located police station that serves the Ballwin Community while simultaneously enhancing the functionality of the Ballwin Parks System.

Upon choosing the street address, a decision was made in favor of simplicity, resulting in the logical selection of 302 as the numerics for the building, which will be aptly referred to as "The 302." In line with police protocol, commissioned police officers are assigned a Department Service Number (DSN). Which in Ballwin also serves as their call sign. Officer Michael Flamion was assigned DSN 302 upon joining the Ballwin Police Department in 2014.

Tragically, on July 8, 2016, Officer Flamion was assaulted and shot in the neck during a routine traffic stop. The resulting catastrophic injury left him paralyzed from the neck down. Despite this life-altering event, Officer Flamion and his wife Sarah have maintained an unwaveringly positive outlook on life. They have become fixtures in the Ballwin Community, serving as a poignant reminder to embrace the present, even in the face of an uncertain future. This subtle daily reminder provided by the building's address prompts all Police Department staff to serve the people of Ballwin in a manner befitting of Officer Flamion's exemplary dedication.

In May of 2023, major construction on the project reached completion, marking a significant milestone for the Ballwin Police Department. The subsequent relocation process began in June of the same year, as the Police Department transitioned into the new building. Notably, the dedication of the facility took place on July 8, 2023, coinciding with Officer Flamion's "Alive Day" and commemorating the seventh anniversary of his survival following the shooting incident. This commemorative event celebrated the culmination of the new police station and symbolized the commencement of a new chapter for the Ballwin Police Department, honoring Officer Flamion's resilience and the community's enduring support.

The City of Ballwin has completed work on the new Ballwin Police Department. The new site is located at the intersection of Kehrs Mill Road and Ballpark Drive, next door to Metro West Fire and across the street from Ballwin Public Works.

Location of the new Ballwin Police Station

The old department, located at 300 Park Drive, served the Ballwin Police Department for over 50 years. When the building was initially constructed in 1970, it housed several departments including Administration, Parks and Recreation, Municipal Court, and Police. The last major remodel to the facility occurred in 1999, after the City’s Administration Department moved out. 

Current Ballwin Police Department
Old Ballwin Police Department

The total cost of the Police Staion project at 302 Kehrs Mill Road was budgeted at $13.6 million, and came in under budget at $13.2 million. It is being financed with no debt to the City. Funds for the project are coming from the City’s fund reserves and federal stimulus money. 

Under Construction April 22, 2022

Under Construction July 11, 2022

The new station has underground parking, modern facilities, an improved ventilation system, full ADA compliance, safer entry ways for officers and visitors, and much more. 

Groundbreaking for new Police Station

Board of Aldermen at Police Station Groundbreaking

Group in attendance at Police Station Groundbreaking