About Us

 Ballwin Police Department Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Ballwin Police Department to provide an exemplary level of service, 
ensuring safety and a peaceful quality of life to the residents and businesses of the City of Ballwin 
and to all those who may visit our community.


The men and women of the Ballwin Police Department envision a future in which the citizenry will enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

We will serve the community through professional conduct at all times without prejudice or bias. To accomplish this, we will work to establish partnerships among our residents, businesses, elected officials, and other City Departments to ensure a safe environment for all. We will utilize education and advanced technology during the course of our duties, along with emphasizing problem solving and conflict resolution.

The Ballwin Police Department will honor the established principals of a democratic society. Among these is the most profound reverence for human life, the value of which far exceeds that of any property. In view of this, it is essential that every action of this Department and each of its members be consistent with that responsibility.

Our pledge to the community is to continually strive to achieve these goals and to promote an organization based on excellence.

 The City of Ballwin incorporated in 1950 and the police department formed in 1964. Ballwin has a current population of 31,103 (2020 US Census) and is the 5th largest city in St. Louis County. The Ballwin Police Department is composed of:

  • 48 Commissioned Officers
  • 11 Dispatchers
  • 1 Police Clerk
  • 1 Reserve Officer

The Ballwin Police Department is divided into the following Divisions:

  • Administration
  • Field Operations
  • Operational Support
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Communications

The Ballwin Police Department also has one officer detached to a Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force.

Organizational Structure

Police Department Technology


The Ballwin Police Department prides itself on providing the community with the best and most efficient service possible. The Ballwin Police Department utilizes technology to enhance the service provided to the community. This technology includes a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, Computerized Criminal Processing and Photo Imaging System, Mobile Data Terminals, Less Lethal Weapons, and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Systems.


The Ballwin Police Department is very lucky to have its own Communications Unit, which services the communities of Ballwin and Manchester. The Communications Unit is comprised of multiple dispatch desks that receive all 911 and non-emergency calls 24/7/365. The Communications Officers dispatch calls for service to the Police Officers on patrol. An upgrade to the communications equipment is in the works and 

Ballwin Dispatch
will help to further enhance the effectiveness of our Communications Unit. Translation and interpretation services are available and provided by a third party. Tours can be provided to groups, in order to schedule a tour call the Community Relations Officers at (636) 227-9636.  


Computerized Criminal Processing and Photo Imaging System

The Computerized Criminal Processing and Photo Imaging System is how officers enter arrest information directly into the computer system database. The system also gives the Ballwin Police Department the ability to capture a digital photo image of the arrested person (mugshot), which enhances the quality of the photo versus a film camera. The system gives the Department the ability to share the image and arrest information with a variety of neighboring law enforcement agencies that have access to the database, which enhances the ability to solve more 

crime in the area. The Ballwin Police Department also utilizes a digital fingerprint system to capture fingerprints. This system provides greater accuracy and efficiency to fingerprinting when compared to the more traditional ink process.


Mobile Data Terminals

Mobile Data Terminals are computer systems that are installed in patrol vehicles. From these terminals, officers are able to review an individual’s arrest history, driver’s license status, and check for active Warrants or Wants. In addition to obtaining this information, officers have the ability to view a digital arrest photograph of a person, if one has been entered into the system. The officers are able to make these inquires on the scene, which will greatly reduce the amount of non-emergency radio traffic. Officers can enter and review police reports from their vehicles and view calls for service utilizing our mobile computer aided dispatch system. 

 Automated External Defibrillation Systems (AED)


Automated External Defibrillation Systems are deployed in five patrol vehicles and will afford first responding officers the opportunity to immediately treat a victim who is in cardiac arrest. Time to defibrillation has been found to be one of the most important determinants of survival from cardiac arrest. The Automated External Defibrillators are sophisticated, computerized devices that are reliable and simple to operate, enabling officers to administer this life saving intervention immediately if paramedics have not yet arrived.


Less Lethal TASER(R) Technology

The Ballwin Police Department utilizes the less lethal Taser. Taser's are electro muscular disruption devices that allow officers to take resistant subjects into custody while minimizing the risk of serious injury to the suspect or the officer. The Taser is a handheld tool that delivers an electrical charge through two barbed probes that are discharged from the front of the device. The specially designed electrical charge causes involuntary contraction of the muscles by overriding the central nervous system. The electrical charges are

delivered in five (5) second  increments. The Taser’s internal computer stores time, date, duration, and temperature of when the device is discharged. The Taser is designed to reduce the risk of permanent injury to a subject who receives the electrical charge.


The Village of Ballwin appointed its first Marshal, Fred Rethmeier on January 5, 1951. Marshals after Rethmeier were elected into office. Hermann Baumer was elected marshal of Ballwin in 1957 when Ballwin became a fourth-class city. He bought and installed a base radio station and his wife, Lucille, handled the phone calls. A porch light turned on by his wife regularly signaled him to return home at 539 Manchester Road for a call for police assistance. In 1958, the city was able to purchase its first police car. It was shared by Baumer and the four officers who rode part-time in the evenings. Ballwin hired George Arft to be its first full-time police officer in 1959.

On April 27, 1964 the City of Ballwin formed a full-time police department appointing Philip St. Onge as the first Chief of Police; he served until 1965. The Department purchased its second marked patrol car that same year. Chief St. Onge resigned in 1965 and Donald “Red” Loehr, a native son and an ex-Cardinal baseball player turned policeman, was appointed Chief of Police by Mayor Robert Jones. In 1967, a Communications Section was added to the Police Department and four dispatchers were hired. In 1970 the force had 12 uniformed officers and 4 marked cars. After serving for 35 years, Chief Loehr retired in 1997 and James Biederman served as police chief until the end of 2007. The Police Department building was named the ‘Donald “Red” Loehr Police and Courts Center in 2002. Steven Schicker served as Chief of Police from March 2008 until the end of 2015. On April 11, 2016, Kevin Scott was sworn in as Chief of Police and served in that role for three years. Doug Schaeffler was sworn in as Police Chief on December 9, 2019. Captain John Bergfeld is the Acting Chief of Police as of December 7, 2023.


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Senate Bill 5 Compliance

The City of Ballwin and the Ballwin Police Department are in compliance with the standards set forth in Senate Bill #5, which was passed in 2015. In order to be in compliance, the City of Ballwin produces a balanced annual budget listing anticipated revenues and expenditures, as required in section 67.010. An annual audit is performed by a certified public accountant of the finances of the municipality that includes a report on the internal controls utilized by the municipality and prepared by a qualified financial consultant that is implemented to prevent misuse of public funds. This report also includes the current procedures which show compliance with, or reasonable exceptions to, the recommended internal controls. A cash management and accounting system for all revenues and expenditures is utilized by the City of Ballwin. Copies of these reports are available upon request from the City of Ballwin Government Center or online at https://www.ballwin.mo.us/Finance-Overview/.

The City of Ballwin maintains adequate levels of insurance to minimize risk which includes: general liability coverage, police professional liability coverage, workers compensation benefits for injured employees under the provisions of chapter 287, and bonds for local officials as required by section 77.390, 79.260, 80.250, and local charter. A copy of these records is available upon request from the City of Ballwin Government Center.

Construction code review by existing staff, directly or by contract with a public or private agency, is available upon request from the City of Ballwin Government Center

A complete set of ordinances is available upon request from the City of Ballwin Government Center. The ordinances are also available online at library.municode.com/mo/ballwin

The Ballwin Police Department has been accredited by the Missouri Police Chiefs Association since December 2016.

Written policies on the safe operation of emergency vehicles (GO 19-02), including a policy on police pursuit (GO 19-05), the use of force by peace officers (GO 09-01), and collecting and reporting all crime (GO 32-01) and police stop date (GO 22-05), are available upon request from the Ballwin Police Department. Written general orders outside of the ones listed above are available upon request from the Ballwin Police Department. GO 32-01 and GO 22-05 have been submitted to the Attorney General’s Office as required for compliance with Senate Bill #5. 

In addition to the above standards, the City of Ballwin, which is located inside of St. Louis County, is below 12.5% of annual general revenue for fines, bond forfeitures, and court costs for minor traffic violations. Records relating to this percentage on a specific year are available upon request from the City of Ballwin Government Center.