Youth Movement

The Youth Movement is a physical activity incentive program designed to get kids ages 5-14 moving. There is no cost to participate. Each child simply keeps a log of their physical activity. Parents are involved also by helping the children log their activities. Kids can earn visits to the Pointe or North Pointe to be used by themselves or friends!

Download the Youth Movement Log click here. Then simply begin filling out your activity log. 

How to Earn Free Visits

At the end of each quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, and Oct-Dec) the Pointe’s Fitness Staff will award visits to participating youth based on the amount of activity performed during that quarter. 

When to Start

Kids can begin filling out logs at any time.  Visits are earned based on the average weekly activity.  If you begin in the middle of a quarter, you can still earn visits! 

What Activities Count?

Any physical activity outside of school (PE class and recesses do not count) can be logged (extracurricular activities do count)!  Anything from an organized soccer practice to a walk around the block. Just get a parent to “validate” the activity…..and get your parents moving with you!

Where do I Submit my Log?

Drop off your activity logs at the Pointe’s Welcome Desk, e-mail to Matt () or fax to (636) 207-2330. The Pointe’s Fitness Staff will contact you as you earn visits!



One of the fastest growing sports in the United States is Pickleball and The Pointe is proud to offer many open play Pickleball hours each week right here in Ballwin. The Pointe is known for having the best Pickleball hub in St. Louis, and those aren't just our words! Join the fun by dropping in for a game. Our current Pickleball hours are in effect from Thursday, January 2 - Thursday, April 30.

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. (Court 1 & 2: 5 nets)
Wednesday: 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. (Court 2: 3 nets)
Saturday: 4 - 7:30 p.m. (Court 2: 3 nets)

All dates and times are subject to change. 

Still have questions about Pickleball? Contact The Pointe at (636) 227-8950.  


Ball Field Lottery (2020)

Baseball/Softball Coaches - on February 13, 2020 at 7 p.m. in Meeting Room B at The Pointe at Ballwin Commons, the Vlasis Park practice field lottery will be conducted. This lottery is only available to Ballwin residents. You must have a current City of Ballwin ID card to be entered. A driver’s license or any other form of ID will not be accepted. Lottery entrants will be limited to one per family and per team. In an effort to make sure only one representative enters the lottery per team, we will have a list of all teams registered with BAA and EAA and Chesterfield B&SA. Once the rep for your team has entered, that team will be crossed off the list and no one else from that team will be allowed to enter the lottery.

The fee for the use of a practice field is $50 for the season. The field will be ready for play as soon as the weather permits crews to work on it. Permits issued for the spring season will be valid through July 11th.

Note: there are a few blackout dates.

  • April 4 – Easter Egg Hunt
  • June 2 – June 10 – Ballwin Days

If you have any questions, feel free to contact John Hoffman at 636-227-8950, or by email at .