Board of Adjustment

Effective April 21, 2011 meetings of the Board of Adjustment are scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month, subject to petitions, and are held in the Board Room of the Police Department.

This Board is charged with the responsibility of reviewing appeals from private citizens regarding the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, Housing Code and Building Code as they apply to unique circumstance of individual properties.

As of 11.9.18 there is currently one opening (not ward specific) on the Board of Adjustment. If you would like to learn more about filling the vacancy please contact one of the following people:

Assistant City Administrator Ward 3 Alderman
Ward 3 Alderman
Ward 4 Alderman
Ward 4 Alderman

Chairman Jason Riegelsberger
Gary Winter
Stephen Nichols
Bob Komor
Phyllis Erwin (Alternate)
Frank Hafner (Alternate)
Staff Contact: Code Enforcement Supervisor Mike Roberts (636) 227-9000
As of October 20, 2017

Notice of Appeal to Board of Adjustment