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The City of Ballwin’s budget document consists of its primary General Fund, a Capital Improvements Fund, and several minor funds such as a Sewer Lateral Fund, Special Allocations (TIF) Fund, TDD Fund, and a Debt Service Fund.

The City’s property tax rate for citizens has been rolled back to $0 since 1987, leaving city services being financed primarily by sales taxes, utility gross receipts taxes, and recreational revenues.  The City’s 20-year G O Bond Debt issue will be paid off with the 2012 payments and the City’s 15-year C.O.P.S. debt issue will be paid off in full by year-end 2013.  The City’s 2002 TIF bonds are scheduled to be paid off in 2022.

Major land or building improvements and/or acquisitions ($250,000 or more) are budgeted in the Capital Improvement Fund.  These expenditures are financed by a portion of the ½ Capital Improvement Sales Tax and ½ cent Park Sales Tax and/or grants and debt financing.

Years 2008 – 2022 budgets may be accessed by the listed links.