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Flood Plain & Storm Damage Information

Sources for Flood Plain Information

Check and see if your property is in a flood plain at

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released their final version of the Floodplain Elevation Certificate (FEMA Form 086-0-33 – revised 7/15) which supersedesall previous versions.  The fillable version is located at both the FEMA and SEMA websites as follows:

Please use this version only.

Federal Emergency Management AgencyTelephone #: 202-566-1600
Web site:

Missouri – State Emergency Management AgencyTelephone #: 573-526-9141
Web site: 
Click on Public Safety Department
Click on State Emergency Management Agency
Click on National Flood Insurance Program
City of Ballwin

Flood plain maps for Ballwin are available for viewing at the Ballwin Government Center.  For simple flood plain questions, contact the Ballwin Code Enforcement Division at 227-2129.

Storm Damage Asistance

When it is determined by the City that there has been Major Storm damage to trees in Ballwin, the Storm Damage Assistance program will begin.

Check this area of the website to see if the program has been activated.