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Master Plan

The City of Ballwin has adopted a Master Plan for Vlasis Park!

This Master Plan has been crafted in conjunction with the Lawrence Group. After several rounds of community input and changes from the Board of Aldermen, the Department of Parks and Recreation and city staff, this Master Plan was created with YOU in mind!

Master Plan for Vlasis Park

We want to make sure this park serves the citizens of Ballwin now and well into the future. The Master Plan is a guide to help ensure the space will be maximized for full usage for everyone who wants to enjoy it.

The plan is to redo the park in phases over the next ten years. There are 5 phases (not necessarily in this order): 

Public Works
Great Lawn
Plaza and Pond Rehabilitation
Landscape and Recreation Courts

Master Plan

The Master Plan is a hybrid of the two concepts that were developed for public feedback. 

The Great Lawn is the centerpiece of the new park plan, and will continue to serve the community as a space for unstructured play, a baseball field, and a staging area for large events such as Ballwin Days. 

Proposed Walking Trails around Vlasis Park

The central playground is also being transformed. A central staircase and retaining walls will provide links across the different areas of the park.

Current Playground

The playground will be updated with new play structures, a splash pad, pavilions for shade, play stages and elevated play. 

Proposed Playground Area

New greenspace will also be put in around Vlasis Park, including a butterfly garden with local flora and fauna. 

At least 2 (up to 3) pickleball courts will be put into the space where one of the current tennis courts is.

Proposed Pickleball Courts

What's Next: This plan will be voted on by the Board of Aldermen in May. It will take some time before any construction or changes will be made to the park, as projects need to be bid out. This Master Plan is to help guide the direction of the park in the future.

Have any questions or comments? Email Parks and Recreation Director Chris Conway at .

Click here to see the entire Master Plan.