Public Works Projects

Each year, the Board of Aldermen holds a budget discussion to prioritize city projects and services. After discussion and direction from the Board, the following projects were approved in the 2024 Budget. The below list will be updated periodically during the construction season. IMPORTANT TO NOTE - we are never able to give a project timeline (estimated start or completion dates), as this is always subject to change based on weather conditions, equipment, manpower, etc.

2024 Street & Sidewalk Projects Budgeted

Slabs/Curb & Gutter:
Sweet Meadows Ct.
Cool Meadows Dr.
Lindy Ct.
Cedar Tree Ln. (curbs)
Fox Village Ct.
Oakwood Terrace Ct.
Oak Borough Dr.
Windy Acres Est.
White Tree Ln.
Oakmont Farms Dr.
Carina Ct.
Stoney Creek Dr.
Baltray Ct.
Five Meadows Dr.
Hideaway Ln.
Oakmont Cir.
Brooktree Dr.
Calico Ln.
Chipley Cir.
Elmcrest Dr.
Wild Oaks Ct.
Castle Terrace Ct.
Castle Meadows Ct.
Shady Castke Ct.
Buckhurst Ct.
Castle Ridge
Ballwin Commons Dr.
Joyce Ct.
Hickory Tree Ct.
Hickory Tree Ln.
Oak Pass Ct.
Oak Nut Ct.
Greenmore Dr.
Sharon Pl.
Holly Leaf Ct.
Jasmine Park Ct.
Sunnyside Ct.
Warbler Ct.
Seawind Dr.
Kehrs Mill Rd.
Barton Ln.
Newton Pl.
Victor Dr.
Parker Dr.
Churchill Ln.
New Ballwin Rd.
Mayfair Dr.
Lindell Dr. East
Lindell Dr. West
Mimosa Ln.
Old Ballwin Rd.
Glenn Dr.
Algonquin Dr. North
Antioch Ln.
Silvercreek Ln. North
Silvercreek Ln. South
Bitterfield Dr.
Clayworth Dr.
Tanglewilde Dr.
Spring Meadows Dr.
Sweetwood Ct.
Sweetwood Ln.
Sunstone Dr.
Baywillow Dr.
Balero Ct.
Meadowbrook Country Club Est.
Sudbury Ln. North
Sudbury Ln. South
Stors Mill Ct.
Windsor Mill Dr.
Agean Way
Jares Ct.
Newfield Ct.
Henry Ave.
Holloway Rd.
Ironwood Dr.
Manorcrest Ln.
Champion Way
Norwood Cir.
Woodside Trails Dr.
Oak Ridge Trails Ct.
Pine Ridge Trails Ct.
Paula Vale Ct.

Mill/Repave (In-House):
Ballpark Dr.
Seawind Dr.
The City of Ballwin will also complete a number of projects in-house over the course of the year, thanks to the purchase of a volumetric mixer. You can learn more about the volumetric mixer in the video below.


ADA Sidewalk Transition Plan

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law requires public entities to develop a formal transition plan identifying the steps necessary to meet ADA accessibility requirements for all pedestrian access routes by upgrading all noncompiliant features.  The Street Transition Plan (PDF below) is attached that was adopted by the Board of Aldermen on February 27, 2017.

The Plan includes when, how, and where curb ramps and sidewalks will be updated to current ADA standards.  All curb ramps will be upgraded when a street is overlaid, resurfaced, microsurfaced, or reconstructed.  All new sidewalks will be constructed in accordance with the ADA regulations.  Uneven sidewalks are to be eliminated in a timely manner.

ADA Sidewalk Transition Plan

Ballwin Public Works Department
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