Tree Planting Program

The City of Ballwin is pleased to offer a cost share program to encourage the planting of trees in our neighborhoods to provide beauty and environmental benefits. Residents may apply to the city for up to a $100 reimbursement after planting a tree in the front yard of their home or the area between the street and sidewalk in front of their home, provided the area and the tree meet the appropriate criteria. Download the Residential Street Tree Program Application to learn more. Please contact John Hoffman for more information about the cost share program at (636) 227-8950.

Recommended Street Trees

SpeciesBotanical NameHeight (Ft) Spread (Ft) Soil MoistureLight RequirementsGrowth Rate
Purple-leaf PlumPrunus cerasifera15-2510-25AverageFull SunFast
Downy ServiceberryAmelanchier arborea15-3010-20MoistFull Sun-Light ShadeMedium
Eastern RedbudCersis candensis20-30 15-30Moist-AverageLight ShadeMedium
Amur CorktreePhellodendron amurense24-40 25-45Moist-AverageFull SunMedium
HophornbeamOstrya virginiana30-40 20-30AverageFull Sun-Light ShadeSlow
Thornless HoneylocustGleditsia triacanthos var. inermis30-60 25-50Moist-DryFull SunFast
American BeechFagus grandifolia40-60 35-60MoistFull Sun-Light ShadeSlow
River BirchBetula nigra40-60 30-50MoistFull SunMedium
Japanese ZelkovaZelkova serrata40-60 40-60MoistFull SunMedium
American HornbeamCarpinus caroliniana40-60 40-60Moist-AverageFull Sun-Light ShadeMedium
BlackgumNyssa sylvatica40-60 20-30Moist-DryFull Sun-Light ShadeSlow
KatsuraCercidiphyllum japonicum40-60 25-50MoistFull Sun-Light ShadeMedium
HackberryCeltis occidentalis45-70 45-70Moist-DryFull SunMedium
GinkoGinkgo biloba50-60 30-40AverageFull Sun-Light ShadeMedium
BaldcypressTaxodium distichum50-70 20-30Moist-DryFull SunMedium
Willow OakQuercus phellos50-70 40-60Moist-DryFull SunMedium
Littleleaf LindenTilia cordata50-70 25-40MoistFull Sun-Light ShadeMedium
Shumard OakQuercus shumardii50-75 40-75AverageFull SunMedium
Swamp White OakQuercus bicolor50-80 40-70MoistFull SunMedium
Kentucky CoffeetreeGymnocladus dioicus60-75 40-60AverageFull SunMedium
Northern Red OakQuercus rubra60-80 60-80AverageFull SunFast
Bur OakQuercus macrocarpa70-80 70-80Moist-DryFull SunSlow
TuliptreeLiriodendron tulipifera70-100 35-50MoistFull SunFast

Trees not allowed in city right-of-way: Ash, Sweetgum, Pin Oak, Bradford Pear, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Silver Maple, Pines, Spruce, and Junipers.