• The Indoor Pool at the Pointe will be CLOSED to repair the broken window starting October 2nd. Construction is expected to take several weeks, but is subject to change.

Bond Indebtedness 2005

Original Issue - 1992 $12,285,000.00
 Payments thru 12/31/97:$(1,945,000.00)
Refunded Amount 7/2/98 $10,340,000.00
 Payments thru 12/31/04:$(3,510,000.00)
Total Bond Indebtedness 12/31/04:$6,830,000.00
 Payments Due in 2005:   
 Principal - 9/2005:$   730,000.00  
 Interest - 3/2005:$   151,663.75  
 Interest - 9/2005:$   151,663.75   
Total Bond Indebtedness 12/31/05: $6,100,000.00


 Assessed Valuation - 8/1/04:$491,242,172.00
 Debt Limit = 10% of Assessed Valuation:$49,124,217.20
 Amount of debt applicable to debt limit:$(6,830,000.00)
Legal Available Debt Limit: $42,294,217.20
     The City of Ballwin currently has one (1) refunded bond issue outstanding (7/2/98), which had an original issue cost of $12,285,000.  The original issue was divided into two (2) parts. One was in the amount of $3,000,000 (1992A) and was for the development of the Community Center, also known as the Pointe at Ballwin Commons.  The second was in the amount of $9,285,000 (1992B) and was for street and road improvement projects throughout the City.
     As of December 31, 2004, this debt has been reduced to $6,830,000.  The year 2005 Bond Requirement Payments are listed below. 
    This schedule also shows the legal debt limit of the City.  The City's legal debt is limited to ten (10%) percent of the current assessed valuation of $491,242,172,  which this year equates to $49,124,217.20.  Subtracting our current outstanding debt of $6,830,000, the City has an additional available debt capacity of $42,294,217.20.