Bond Indebtedness 2005

Original Issue - 1992 $12,285,000.00
 Payments thru 12/31/97:$(1,945,000.00)
Refunded Amount 7/2/98 $10,340,000.00
 Payments thru 12/31/04:$(3,510,000.00)
Total Bond Indebtedness 12/31/04:$6,830,000.00
 Payments Due in 2005:   
 Principal - 9/2005:$   730,000.00  
 Interest - 3/2005:$   151,663.75  
 Interest - 9/2005:$   151,663.75   
Total Bond Indebtedness 12/31/05: $6,100,000.00


 Assessed Valuation - 8/1/04:$491,242,172.00
 Debt Limit = 10% of Assessed Valuation:$49,124,217.20
 Amount of debt applicable to debt limit:$(6,830,000.00)
Legal Available Debt Limit: $42,294,217.20
     The City of Ballwin currently has one (1) refunded bond issue outstanding (7/2/98), which had an original issue cost of $12,285,000.  The original issue was divided into two (2) parts. One was in the amount of $3,000,000 (1992A) and was for the development of the Community Center, also known as the Pointe at Ballwin Commons.  The second was in the amount of $9,285,000 (1992B) and was for street and road improvement projects throughout the City.
     As of December 31, 2004, this debt has been reduced to $6,830,000.  The year 2005 Bond Requirement Payments are listed below. 
    This schedule also shows the legal debt limit of the City.  The City's legal debt is limited to ten (10%) percent of the current assessed valuation of $491,242,172,  which this year equates to $49,124,217.20.  Subtracting our current outstanding debt of $6,830,000, the City has an additional available debt capacity of $42,294,217.20.