2002 Operating and Capital Budgets

2002 Budget Message from Mayor Jones

2001 will undoubtedly be recorded as one of the most pivotal years in our history. Construction of the 265,000 sq. ft. Olde Towne retail center, coupled with the completion of Ries Road and the first phase of the Vlasis Park improvement project, has significantly changed our landscape and will hopefully be remembered as positive changes.

2002 promises to be yet another period of change, growth and development. Thanks to your support, the Holloway pool and park will be transformed into a family-friendly facility. Construction is expected to begin in mid-August and it is hoped that the new complex will be open for public enjoyment in June, 2003.

Our capital improvement plan also calls for renewed commitment to residential street improvements. Although revenues are projected to be flat, we will continue all current programs including residential curbside recycling ($250,000) and leaf collection ($311,427), which are provided at no direct cost. Overall, our spending plan calls for $22,501,896 with a total reserve fund balance of $1,253,808.

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of services and programs with no local real estate or local property tax assessment. As a result of this commitment, we are forced to rely heavily on retail sales tax as our major revenue source. We hope that you will continue to support your local merchants to insure a vibrant economy for the benefit of all segments of this community.


Robert E. Jones