Police Overview
Attached you will find the proposed Capital Budget and Four Year Projected Capital Budget for the Police Department. 

The capital budget requests the purchase of seven new vehicles, six for marked patrol and the seventh for the Chief of Police.  All seven vehicles will be the front wheel drive, mid-sized Chevrolet Impala, which is a more cost efficient car than the Ford Crown Victoria.  The Chief’s current vehicle will be transferred to the Detective Bureau to replace a vehicle which has developed a bad motor. 

Our four-year projected Capital Budget reflects our plans to upgrade our communications section and put in additional storage/garage buildings and covered parking for the marked patrol vehicles.  This projected budget also keeps up with replacement of worn equipment, and maintenance of existing equipment, to include data terminals and in-car video systems, as well as a new copier.  Our current copier has over a million copies and is not experiencing major problems at this point, but will most likely be less reliable as the copy number increases towards 1.5 million.  Due to the weak economy, reduced sales tax revenue and other economic problems, we have decided to defer these capital requests to a time when economic conditions improve.  We will continue to research different avenues of financial support for the projects to reduce the burden on the City when our future Capital requests are made. 

We anticipate the continued support of the City of Ballwin in helping us to realize our projected goals.  As the City’s financial issues improve, our hope is to maintain the Ballwin Police Department as one of the premiere agencies in the State of Missouri, and continue to grow and maintain the safety of our community. 

James B. Biederman
Chief of Police 

Police Detail

Chevrolet Impala to replace the Chief's current vehicle.  The Ford Taurus currently used by the Chief will be put into the Detective Bureau, to replace a vehicle which has been experiencing mechanical problems. This older car will be sold at the yearly auction of police vehicles.
Replacement of one rooftop HVAC Unit.
Annual replacement of six of the marked patrol units that have reached the point of excessive mileage and wear on engine parts.  All six vehicles will be front wheel drive, mid-sized Chevrolet Impalas.

Department Total: